Thursday, 1 August 2013

Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree:

Okay...yesterday I went out to just pick up a couple of things and about $150.00 later, I came home with another stash of stuff. Will the madness never end? I cannot control myself when I go hunting for supplies. There is always something new and wonderful to be found and to be had! They should do a special edition of that television program "Hoarders" - they could call it "Hoarders Special Edition for Scrapbooking Junkies". I am sure there are many of us who could be featured on this program. Oh well- you only live once. As I have told many people, when I pass on just scatter my ashes in the aisles of Michael's Craft Store!

Rubber Stamp Storage

Rubber Stamp Storage

I am sharing my method for storing and locating my rubber stamps. If you are like me, you probably have many, many stamps and when you are looking for the special one, you simply cannot find it. Well my method helps me to quickly locate the perfect stamp for my project. Check out the video at