Monday, 10 August 2015

Check Out the Class Act You Tube Channel

Recently I started a You Tube Channel for the Scrapbooking Store - Class Act - that I work at (yes never end a sentence in a preposition - that is from my old life as an English Teacher- so sue me!).

On this Channel, I highlight new products, offer tips and tricks and sometimes capture a few moments from one of our classes.

Click here to see "Class Act- The Movie" (just for fun) and if you are interested in checking out our You Tube Channel, click here.

Of course I also have my own channel on You Tube. Click here to check it out.


Class Act - A Great Store!

I thought I should highlight the store I am working for (part time) in my city (Oshawa, Ontario Canada).

I have been working here now for about a year and a half and I absolutely love it. It keeps my up to date with the trends in Scrapbooking and Card Making and it gives me access to the newest products- in fact - I pretty much just hand back my pay cheque to my boss since I use most of it for product purchases!

The name of the store is Class Act and as I have already mentioned, we are located in downtown Oshawa Ontario Canada.

Carol Harrison is the owner of the store and she is one talented and creative lady! She creates most of the rubber stamps we sell in the store and offers a great variety of Card Making and Scrapbooking classes which are very popular. Her easy going and very friendly personality seems to attract a large number of customers who are really more like friends to us.

Click here to see a You Tube Video about our Store and if you are in the area, drop in- you will not be disappointed.


Re-Activating This Blog

HI Everyone: well I have had this Blog space for a while but to be honest I have done very little with it. I am now thinking that I should post here more often if I want more people to read it. Originally, I intended this space for highlighting my creations; now I am thinking I should expand this to include my own review of various products I have found, talk about things that are related to my hobby of paper crafting and maybe review some web sites I have found or You Tube Channels that I have found of interest.

I might extend this Blog to include my "rants" about a variety of subjects that might be beyond my original scope.

We shall see what happens and please feel free to make comments.