Saturday, 22 August 2015

Rant: Food on Facebook

I warned you that this Blog would go beyond my usual crafting related stuff. My first Rant has to do with people on Facebook who post pictures of what they are eating. Now, many of these people are my friends so I am not coming down on them in a negative manner- I just want them to know that you make me very hungry! 

At first I did not see the point in posting pictures of your meals but then again I post pictures of my crafting projects so I suppose it is much the same thing. I may not be all that interested in what you are currently eating, but you are probably not that interested in what I am crafting. So fair is fair (whatever that means). 

I do have a couple of friends who take the art of cooking serious and they even have a great blog about food which is both entertaining and informative. Click here to read it.

So I guess this is not much of a rant; but I do want you foodies out there to be aware of how hungry you make the rest of us so don't be surprised if we show up on your door step with our plate in hand. Feed us Seymour!

This is a picture of the great smoked roast my friends (who have the food blog mentioned above) cooked recently. God that looks soooooooo gooooooooood!


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  1. Of course, you should realize that when you post all of these wonderful pictures of your crafting creations, it also makes us want to show up at your doorstep, craft supplies in hand. Inspire us Steven!